Course Hero: is It worth it ?

We at Smartunblurr compare the pros and cons of having a Course Hero free account and a premium account. We also side compare the advantages of having a Chegg study account over a Course Hero Free account. scroll over!

By Smartunblurr

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Course Hero and Chegg are top class websites when it comes to providing top quality study materials for all students.From quizzes to essays, Class notes to Case studies, Term papers to Exam Q&A’s they have everything which will benefit a student to excel in their course subjects.

A student However has limited number of resources and mostly carry their debt of tution all the way along, in fact an average American student carry $38,000 in debt

Money which has already been paid to get education Guess what ? Now if you want to excel in your classes, you can work hard your way up or you can spend a small amount every month to get access to quality study materials, access to past exams, assessed test papers, program codes (cpp, java etc.) and many more documents which will not only help you in acing your tests they will help you get a decent GPA in the end of your program that guarantees your future career!

Websites like Course Hero &  Chegg charge between $20-$40 a month to help you with your studies. However both are completely different websites and both help in your studies in a different way!

I own both accounts and have been using long enough to give you a valuable advice i.e. pros and cons towards owning the right account so you can invest (not spend!) your money wisely!

Let’s start with Course Hero

Course Hero offer both: Course Hero free accounts & Course Hero premium accounts

Course Hero is a crowd file sharing website, it’s just like scribd! But expensive! Students upload their own study material and in return they get Course Hero unlocks which can be used to unblur and download contents from coursehero website. Each unlock can help you download one document!

To get free access to Course Hero files and documents you need to get “Course Hero Unlocks”

To access Coursehero for free you have to get course hero unlocks. Course Hero unlocks can be earned in 2 ways.

  • Upload your own materials to Course Hero
  • Purchase Premium membership plan starting from $40 a month

being a student $40 a month is a lot of money considering you only get to unlock and download 30 files at max. YES! You read it right!

Course Hero does say you have access to millions of study materials but you only get to access 30 files for $40 USD a month in reality!

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Considering a semester consists of 5 months of study duration and each Semester has 6 subjects, you will need a lot of unlocks to make a significant difference towards your studies, also to note that Course Hero contains Fake documents too which are blurred out and this makes the document unrecognizable! You only get to know the document worth after spending your hard-earned unlock!

Course Hero contains Fake documents too which are blurred out and this makes the document unrecognizable! 

Considering all of the facts above it will usually take around $60 plus per subject to get access to all relevant contents for your studies! Which I think is way too much for an average student! 

We will justify whether if a Course Hero membership is worth it or not in just a few moments…


  • Vast variety of study materials 
  • Covers almost all courses of American, Australian & European universities
  • Free Course Hero access available!
  • Tutor solution available


  • Expensive for a common student
  • Free but not instant access 
  • Preview not enough to judge the document
  • Unlocks are not refundable
  • Not really unlimited access!

Chegg egg

Course Hero Vs Chegg

Now that we have learnt about Course hero account worth, Lets talk about Chegg. Chegg is the most favourite website found among students. Students love Chegg!

What is Chegg?

Chegg is another popular study platform offering range of services to students to ace their studies. 

Unlike coursehero, Chegg offers Q&A’s, Full solved textbook solutions right off the textbook. It’s easy to refer to the solutions and ask the tutors if you have any doubts.

Chegg costs $15 a month and as you can see it’s pretty affordable for students.

A Chegg membership provides you *UNLIMITED* access to all of it’s contents i.e. Q&A’s and Textbook solutions! so whether you have 6 subjects or 8 in your semester you can refer to textbook solutions to all of your subjects on Chegg! isn’t it great ?

plus you get to ask your choice of questions to most qualified tutors present online and believe they respond within 12  hours with quality answer



  • Vast Collection of Q&A’s and Step by Step text book solution manuals 
  • Truly Unlimited access
  • Low cost and affordable!
  • Book renting available
  • Quality Tutors available for help


  • Contents not Downloadable, You have to refer it online or on Chegg mobile app 
  • Essays, Study guides, Cheatsheets not availableper 

Conclusion: Is Course Hero worth it ?

Considering the comparison of both Course Hero and Chegg we can come back to conclusion!

YES! if you want to use just right before test say one month before actual tests!

NO! if you want to use it throughout your program, in this case you might want to look into How to earn Course Hero unlocks for FREE?

There are several ways to earn Course Hero unlocks for free and use it to access free UNLIMITED course hero documents.

Is there an alternative to Course hero website?

Indeed there is! The documents uploaded to Course Hero are available for public use, the same documents may be available on Scribd or any other file unlocking website. 

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