How to get coursehero free

Imagine doing your maths Homework and at last minute you google it and found some helpful materials online. BUT then you realise they are behind a paywall and being a student yourself you can’t afford 40$ a month of subscription fees just for the homework! 

I Wrote this article to help you just in case you’re in the same boat as I was 5 years back!

Now I help others to get the same studymaterials almost free. 

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Need Study-Materials for courses of American, Canadian, Australian Universities? If you are studying in a universities in these countries, you are more likely to find study materials belonging to your course on the websites like coursehero, oneclass or Chegg. However, The study materials are not available for free!

Here are the plans that you are forced to pay to get access for eg. Course Hero:

  1. 1 month subscription= ~40 USD for 30 file downloads per month
  2. Quarterly subscription= ~60 USD for 30 file downloads per month
  3. Yearly subscription = ~120 USD for 30 file downloads per month

Which is seemingly high in my opinion if you want few files for your exams, or if you need whole course containing 100+ files, That will set you back by 120 USD and 3 month (considering you download 30 files per month)! I believe for a student who studies as well as does minimum wage job 120USD or 40USD is still a lot! So what’s the trick here ? How you can get access to the same materials free? How you unlock files without purchasing subscription?

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How to order files?

Step 1:

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Step 3

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I Have been successfully helping students since 2014,This service is Legit and reliable. please don’t hesitate to try it! you won’t regret.

For more information on this service, please visit FAQ’s where I answer most common questions asked about my services!