This started way back in December 2014 when I started helping students with getting access to premium contents for their exams and quizzes. They liked me very much because using me saved them multiples of $ for subscription. Since then, my services are Non-Stop available and top notch quality! I suggest you try me, you’ll never regret!


My past YouTube videos having a million views has been suspended! So I came up with this website to help students getting access to premium study materials for cheap! in the past I have helped thousands of students with their Homeworks, Quizzes, Essays and what not! I have attached few of my customer’s testimonials for your easy reference!

Please don’t hesitate to mail me in case you still feel insecure! I’m here to help always!

►Here are the feedbacks I received on my YT Channel  
I have over 200K+ views, more than 2000+ references over THE PAST years.

[Note: Some comments looks repeated but They are actually the same comments posted on different videos on my channel]

►Whether it’s an assignment, #Exam solutions, Quizzes, #Flashcards, Ebooks, Cheat sheets, tutor solutions, Q&A’s, Essays bla bla bla… I can help with all! Just find them on coursehero, Chegg, Oneclass and send the links to me for unblurring!

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😊1000’s of students have used me till now to ace their courses. try me once and you’ll never be disappointed!😊

Some Testimonials:

"Guys!! Rishabh is legit!! And he responded super quick!"
Tyler Vino
"Rishabh is 100% legit. He ALWAYS comes through for me whenever I need help accessing study materials. I honestly don't know what I would do without him. THANK YOU SO MUCH"
Mike Swayne
"thank you again! I used this like a year and half ago and its still fast!"
Mona Liza


The Testimonials are taken from customer’s Feedback received on my YouTube channel. There are 1000+ feedback and you can see it here 

See the Testimonials below!

SOme screenshots from my past work