Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, worried about my services, please read through this page to get answers to the most common questions people ask me, if you have further questions, please don't hesitate to email me at!

How will I recceive my Unblurred file?

Full Files will be delivered to your email address as an attachment.

I'm in need of all course materials from my course, Can I get them ?

Yes for sure, You can place your request by filling up the request form on homepage. Alternatively, email me to

How can I contact you?

You can email me your requests, OR Snapchat me OR, use Kik  OR use Discord. (see the video on the home page for scan codes) OR submit a inquiry form on the this website!

What If my purchased document didn't contain what I was Looking for?

Only applies to Blank Quizzes and Unanswered exam solutions. Not applicable to case studies, Lecture notes, essays etc.  I offer One request for FREE to let you ask the correct document. No refunds though.

I Have request of Multiple files and I need Discounts!

I can offer great deals on multiple link request, Please contact me to get a personal Quote and Discounts!

Do you help with Assignments?

Yes I do, You can request me to write your term papers, Essays, quizzes. You can also ask me to answer questions from your textbooks! Send me the rubric to get a quote!