How to unblur blurred texts on coursehero

Looking to see what’s behind those unblurred texts?

I just found out this “White Hack” which is basically a good way to see the blurred out contents using Google search engine!


No sign ups required, just use Google search to see unblurr contents


it takes just 5 mins…


Still working in 2020!

When you see the preview of the file you’re looking to download, Coursehero will show a part of page blurred and only some part of the page is visible.

To see the blurred contents here’s what you have to do:

Just copy few lines of the visible contents from the page and google it!

Coursehero will now show the “googled part ” as blurred and the remaining contents which were blurred at the first time will be visible now!

So basically what you have to do is copy and paste in to google and Coursehero will keep unblurring the things apart from what you have googled! 

Hope this helps, LMK in the comments!

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